About teresa

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Teresa is a certified Health Coach, Life Coach and Advanced TCM Coach recognized through the International Coach Federation, which is the gold standard for coaches. She has had in-depth training on nutrition, setting and reaching goals and on recognizing and stopping self sabotage. Through her talks and workshops, as well as her individual and group coaching programs, she will teach you how to set up your kitchen so healthy eating can be quick, easy and delicious.  She also loves sharing tips and tricks so you don’t have to sacrifice your health for your social life and teaches how you can go almost anywhere and order something healthy, scrumptious and satisfying off the menu. 

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Teresa Wilson is passionate about supporting others in honoring their mind, body and spirit through healthy eating and living. Her approach offers solutions for authentic and lasting happiness and health. Teresa doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk as she has permanently released weight and kept it off after her own personal struggles with food addictions, being morbidly obese and yo-yo dieting for most of her adult life.

When working with Teresa, you will learn how you can become intuitive to your bodies needs, how to link positive and powerful new habits to pleasure patterns in your brain and much much more... so you can find your happy weight, feel healthy and energetic, reduce your risk of many diseases, increase confidence, and love the skin you’re in!


Teresa is a beacon of hope to those who have lost hope for themselves. She will hold your vision of a healthy vibrant you, even when you have lost that hope for yourself. She knows this is an incredible journey and she will walk beside you as she guides and lifts you up as you Naturally Transform into the Healthiest Version of Yourself so You Can Live the Best Version of Your Life.

  • Health Coach

  • Life Coach

  • Mastery Coach

  • Transformational Coach

  • Teresa has taught lessons to hundreds of people

  • Designed her own programs that pinpoint success

  • Public speaker for businesses 

  • Helps countless people break food addictions & emotional eating, stop cravings in their tracks, and release large amounts of weight (and keep it off)

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